Move-In Guide

Those who appointed(enrolled), or to-be-appointed(enrolled) in Seoul National University’s Gwanak Campus who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply.


Faculty (instructor)
Graduate student,
research student
Qualification to apply for move-in by nationality
  • Full-time Instructor (Tenure)
  • Full-time/Part time Instructor (Non-tenure)
  • A dispatched worker for use of research year
Appointed by the president of SNU
An institute-issued researcher
One who lives with a legal spouse (2 persons residing)
  • Full-time Instructor (Tenure)
  • Full-time Instructor (Non-tenure)*
Appointed by the president of SNU
An institute-issued researcher
Qualification to apply for move-in by the type of building
Building A
(Family Room, 56.26㎡)
One who lives together with a legal spouse and child(ren)
Building B
(Studio, 23.02㎡)
Living alone and living with a legal spouse is possible.
(Child(ren) are not permitted to live in this building)
Living with a legal spouse (Living alone and living with child(ren) is NOT permitted in this building)

The classification criteria for full-time/part-time faculty(Applicable provision: 「서울대학교 겸임교원 등 임용에 관한 규정」)

  • Full-time: lecture professor, research professor, industry-university cooperation professor
  • Part-time: affiliated professor, adjunct professor
  • Full-time or part-time : visiting professor, guest lecturer

Restriction of qualification to move in

  • A person who falls under any of the provisions of Article 18 of 「서울대학교 학생생활관 규정」
  • A person who has a house in Seoul registered in his/her own name or his/her spouse’s name.
  • A person who is scheduled to move into BK Residence Halls less than three months from the date of move-out before the BK Residence Halls.
  • (In the case of a graduate student) A person who has lived in BK Residence Halls before.
  • (In the case of faculty and researchers) A person who has been judged not to be available by the management committee.
  • A person who does not apply to the reasons mentioned above and had moved out of the BK Residence Halls, within 3 months of the minimum residency period.
Application period
Before 2 months from the date you want to move in (from the first day until the last day of the month)
  • Application period
    • Instructor or researcher : A date that an official document arrives
    • Graduate student or research student : A date that a person in charge of the affiliated organization approves the application for move- in
  • Please send an official letter with final approval from the director of your department/organization.

Procedure for Applying

  • Faculty/Researcher: The affiliated organization applies for move-in with an official document and other required documents.
  • Graduate Student(including Research Student): Apply for move-in through the online portal site. → A person in charge of the affiliated organization confirms reguired documents and approves the application for moving in online
Waiting number will be notified after the application period (An Official letter will be sent)
  • Waiting number is valid until the end of the month(of announcement).
Permitted period of living
3 months (minimum) ~ 2 years (maximum)
  • Instructors and researchers can live during the period of appointment and graduate students(research students) during the period of academic maintenance.
  • The extension period of residence can be extended within one year after deliberation by the Administrative Management Committee.
    • Faculty/instructor(s) are allowed to live at most 7 years, and researchers are allowed to live 5 years at most. (Exceeding 5 or 7 years are not allowed.)
    • Graduate students are allowed to file for an extension only once